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Take Note of the “3” in 2023!

Like a sunrise glowing on sea-green waters, the year 2023 has broken dawn upon our lives. We’ve entered a new year, hopefully with anticipation. This anticipation is awesome, whether you are looking to improve your fitness, grow in your faith walk, adopt a pet, build and strengthen relationships, or pursue any other goal that takes you to greater heights in life…

But what happens when the anticipation fades away? According to Psych News Daily, 66% of people do not carry out their resolutions, quitting in one month or less. Sixty-six percent—ladies and gentleman, that number is way too high.

While this is a sad statistic, I bring good news: this year can be different for YOU, reader. And you, other reader. And you too, other reader! Why? One word…


You see, we are in 2023, and I am convinced that this is going to be a special year. The number three is a blessed number for many reasons. First, it reminds us of the Holy Trinity and the union between father, son, and spirit. This sacred union should give us faith that we can achieve all that we desire to accomplish.

In her book The Mind of The Maker, Dorothy Sayers relates the concept of the Trinity to creative arts, particularly the art of writing: “By our response…we are brought within the mind and power of the author and are caught up into the stream of his Power, which proceeds from his Energy, revealing his Idea to us and to himself.” We can relate the creative process to the Trinity, and in doing so we realize how remarkable it is to have an idea that manifests itself through energy and has power in its meaning.

We can also relate this concept of Trinity power to one special fact: 2023 marks three years since the life-shaking pandemic known as COVID came to wreak havoc on our world. We have all been affected by this pandemic in some way, whether it was our health, profession, family, or some other way. Unfortunately, this pandemic was an enormously dark cloud over our lives, but guess what?

You made it through the eye of the storm. You are standing here today (or sitting), reading this blog post, and beginning a new year filled with adventures. I truly believe that as long as we take hold of the Trinity power, we can bounce back from the storm like never before.

A football player from the Buffalo Bills recently faced a life-threatening situation. Number three Damar Hamlin was knocked unconscious and unable to breathe on Monday. His heart stopped beating, and he immediately needed CPR and defibrillation to keep him alive. Three days later, he regained consciousness. Hamlin, unaware that he was not with the world the past few days, asked “Who won the game?” The doctor responded, “You did. You won the game of life.” So many people prayed for this man, and like Jesus he “arose” from unconsciousness after three days. His story is incredible and reminds us that we have resurrection power in 2023! Whatever areas of your life lay dormant, wake ‘em up! It’s time to go for the gold in every area that we can.

I was recently talking with one of my students about this new year, and she revealed another insight to me: 2023, when added, equals 7! So this year is literally BUILT ON BLESSED NUMBERS.

Reader, don’t miss out on all God has in store for you this year. This is the time to rise up, to pursue your career dream, write that book, regain your peace, or all of the above! And no matter, what do not lose heart because 2023 rhymes with glee and jubilee!

This is your year.

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