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Resurrection Reset!

Does anyone else feel like the year 2024 just began? I can still remember praying about this year…

Lord, I pray this is the year of breakthrough!

Like a concert hall switching its abundant lights on, I too prayed for the light of breakthrough in my family, my business, and in the lives of close friends.

Many readers remember that toward the end of 2023, Island Time Fitness hosted two Zumbathon fundraisers to get through an extremely challenging fourth quarter of the year.

Ladies and gentlemen, you know it was serious if I asked for help!


God brought us through that storm, and the studio is stronger than ever before. And I am so grateful because I’ve worked extremely hard, stood up to skeptics, and am overcoming the odds—because I am standing on God’s Word while working hard. But…


Lately feelings of overwhelm have been creeping back into my mind. This is my sixth year since opening Island Time originally, and our second year in business since the reopening, but I have yet to take a real vacation. I am constantly thinking about how I can keep my students engaged with new choreography while trying to reach more students. I am constantly running like a Roku player, the events in my life like apps constantly on display. The day-to-day grind coupled with focusing on the larger vision of greater reach has left me in need of a reset…


Or better yet, a resurrection!

God’s timing is perfect. When I thought about Easter this year, I thought about Jesus’ resurrection power. He overcame death on the cross and gave us the gift of life! I know that if Jesus went through all that, he can certainly resurrect my energy and take away this sense of overwhelm.


How about you? I think that because humans are complex and constantly growing we all have something that needs resurrecting. From that gift of painting that sits on the shelf of your mind— ironically like a painting—to a sense of peace that was somehow lost due to an unfortunate event, and myriad other gifts, talents, and life necessities, there is something to resurrect. And the good news? The resurrection power of Jesus lives inside you!


You need only ask Him and trust that He will release it.

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