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Simply “Two” Inspired

Birthdays are special. They are a time to celebrate life, a time to eat cake and maybe even smash cake in your face (or someone else's)!

On Saturday we celebrated Jericho's birthday. For those who don't know, he is my adorable little toddler with a great throwing arm and love for books and fitness. He is the one who really runs the studio...

Okay, maybe he doesn't actually run the studio. But he brings a unique light to Island Time each day. I am grateful for him and was determined to make his big day a wonderful one.

We had celebrated his first birthday at the studio last year, and it was a blast! As Jericho grew I noticed how much he loves being outdoors, so this year we took the party to the park...

But let's rewind for a moment.

Have you ever thrown a party? When your first start planning, it's easy to think "I'll keep it simple" or "it won't cost that much." Then you start making your supply list, which has the same length as a Wal-Mart receipt for three weeks' worth of groceries! Then the presents are a separate list. But you know what?

We still move forward with our party plans because we want to gift that special person with "the best party ever."

These are my sentiments exactly with Jericho. The complication, however, was that I had never thrown an outdoor party.

I remember all the outdoor essentials, including an ice chest with drinks, covered food, and tape to decorate with balloons and party props. I did not remember to hand out all the party favors, and I was reminded toward the end of the party to pass out drinks!

Nevertheless, the party turned out beautifully! It was a celebration to remember with Blue's Clues games and cake, Zumbini dance and instrument play, and plenty of smiles...

And a few mom friends reminded me of something: he has my love. That makes all the difference, not only on his birthday but every day of his life.

I love you, Jericho! You are simply "two" inspiring.

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