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Seven Months Pregnant--And Still Dancing

What is it like to be a Zumba instructor and seven months pregnant? Well, while I cannot speak for all instructors, I can summarize my own experience in one word...


Especially when you teach a super-fast merengue song followed by a high-energy soca song, have to sit down in the middle of class for four minutes, and then find the strength from within to get up and finish. (Yes, this actually happened, but only once! I've learned since then to spread those high-intensity songs through the hour.)

This month I'll be teaching two Zumba Gold classes AND two Zumba classes each week. Aya will be there for one of those classes, but for the other three it will be me and baby "bumping" to lead the beats! Every class is truly a miracle because I am carrying 20 more pounds than I'm used to AND adjusting to a ton of changes in my body--yet I keep dancing.

The quote "never stop dancing" has never felt more real. Inspiring yet challenging too.

While dancing brings me great joy, I'm more interested in bringing joy to my students. They have, are, and continue to be the reason my feet keep moving across the dance floor. My Zumba Gold students are extremely loyal and show up every single Tuesday; my Zumba crew is loyal as well. Being there for my students is supremely important to me. I feel like the most blessed instructor in the world because ALL my students have hearts of gold and always give me a reason to smile.

For as long as I possibly can through this final stretch of pregnancy, I will keep dancing. I just hope my water doesn't break during class, as several of my students have jokingly mentioned!

Even as the sun rises upon a new season of life called motherhood, I will be ready to return to that dance floor with my baby as soon as I can (the goal is four weeks following delivery).

Am I seven months pregnant? Yes. Are classes still intense and high energy? Definitely. Thank you, Lord, for the ability to keep going. Even on days when nausea's naughty fist pounds at my willpower, I prepare myself for class.

I hope my journey encourages you to get up and prepare yourself as well for whatever it is that you're meant to do in this season of life. Believe in yourself and trust God to supply you with strength.

See you on the dance floor, seven months pregnant...

And still dancing.

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3 bình luận

So excited you are starting a blog!! Looking forward to reading more. love that you are still dancing!


I am delighted to learn about your new blog, and this post is a perfect one to launch it. I’m looking forward to following along. Congrats! 👍

Ginger Gregory
Ginger Gregory
05 thg 6, 2021
Phản hồi lại

Thank you, lgray! Yes, I’ll be posting every weekend and look forward to sharing my journey as a fitness instructor and business owner ❤️.

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