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Not "Just Another Zumba Class"

Have you ever done something that a lot of other people were doing, yet you knew that the way you do it is different? Maybe it's a recipe, or a song, or a holiday tradition.

For me, that something is Zumba.

Now, before you go reporting me to the Zumba police, let me clarify that I follow the format rules! Core genres (merengue, salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton) on every playlist, facing the class (at least most of the time) when I teach, including music from around the world, and--my favorite--reminding people that there are no wrong moves in Zumba! Rebelling against the rules is not what makes my classes different.

So, what is it? What makes Ginger Gregory's class different? Well, for one, my Caribbean roots shine through, as I am typically at my energy peak when dancing to soca (which is an extremely popular music genre throughout the Caribbean islands). You see, I remember traveling to Barbados as a little girl and experiencing what is called Crop Over. This is a festival filled with flags and colorful costumes and soca music! So with every class, I like to bring at least a taste of Crop Over to class with soca.

In addition to soca, you are likely to find inspirational songs on my playlist. I think Christian music is some of the most refreshing music out there, so why not build choreo to some of these songs? I rarely see this done in other classes, but I love weaving these "positive jams" into my playlist. And what's cool about these songs is they can touch people's hearts and move them, even if they have another faith.

What else makes my class different? Well, this may only be for a season, but classes are smaller at this time as we've restarted the studio. So that means I can interact with everyone in the class for sure; no one gets left on the back row without exchanging smiles or a moment to dance with the instructor! (This is always fun--I like to bounce around and not stay in front the entire class.)

Speaking of bouncing, the sweat is real! I love the high energy songs, and there are many of them on my playlists.

Perhaps the greatest asset that I have as an instructor is my joy. I believe that the way we live our lives outside the classroom does impact how we dance. I try my hardest to stay positive and not let anyone steal my joy. That way, I can spread joy to my students with every step taken in class...

This last point is really important. Why?

Because it is my greatest strength. My teaching style does not emphasize "sexy." I don't know why; maybe it's the innocent, angelic character that people have seen me as nearly my entire life. Maybe it's because I see our society glorifying sexy shows, music, etc, and I think it's gone overboard. Don't get it twisted though--my dance style is still fly. I just don't see a need to add certain moves that would make grandma cover her eyes!

Another point? My licenses to teach kids (Zumba Kids) and the active older adult (Zumba Gold) give me even more music and choreo options. Occasionally I will take a salsa from Zumba Kids or a belly dance from Zumba Gold and allow my Zumba students to experience a different version of the song. This is really great because it helps me to keep my playlist fresh in a special way.

So, reader, will you join me? Teaching at Island Time is an honor, but this is mainly because of the amazing students we have. I am so blessed to have our members in my life. It's personal at IT--we truly are a fitness family. And when you take the dance floor, it's judgement-free for sure.

Come and try a class with us. It's not "just another Zumba class." This is a Zumba class in a unique, tropical workout paradise with people who are compassionate and fun. This is Island Time Zumba, and as the owner I'm on mission to build our cheerful culture with every class I teach.

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