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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

"It's going to be like this every day someday," I told one of the Island Time instructors as we watched the remarkably talented Hector Case mesmerize a packed studio on February 12th. His simple yet stylish choreography, charisma, and ability to connect with students always make for showstopper classes. Friends--instructors and students alike--came together for a Valentine's Zumba Masterclass to remember...

A class that also helped me remember to keep dreaming.

Relaunching a studio is not the easiest task in the world (understatement!). With all the work I have put in, sometimes I grow discouraged when I don't see more people booking into classes. I wish more people would stop by and at least ask questions, I think. But then I remind myself that the time for packed classes will come; right now I need to focus on the individuals who do show up. Every person who walks through that door is important and brings their own unique flavor to Island Time. And what an amazing opportunity: not only do I help these people reach their fitness goals, but I also grow with them. The heartfelt conversations, being a shoulder to lean on when life smacks someone in the face, the hugs (even if they still need to be air hugs), the fitness needs for every person--all of this fosters growth on both ends of the student-instructor sea!

We do not have the giant numbers yet. but we do have momentum--and momentum is important. Thank you, Hector, for boosting that momentum.

I hope everyone reading this post joins us on this extraordinary journey where group fitness is more fun than a vacation. We come together as a family, and trust me: our fitness family will flourish and continue to grow in more ways than we could imagine.

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