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It's What's on The Inside (And Outside) That Counts

If you have lived life for even a smidge of time, you've probably heard someone say, "It's what's on the inside that counts." Maybe a parent, pastor, or teacher said this, or even a TV character (lol!). Whoever they were, they likely said this in relation to character. We won't see the true beauty of a person from the outside but rather the inside, right?

Yes, but the outside can make a difference.

If someone comes to work with disheveled hair, a tutu over their pants, and a shirt with a collection of stains that started in 1935, what would you think of that person? Hopefully we wouldn't judge them, but we would at least wonder if that outer appearance reflects their inner character. They might be a genius and a millionaire working simply to stay busy, but who would know based on their appearance?

Now I'm not implying the classic saying is wrong; I've defended stranger after stranger if I heard a negative comment about one passing by. "Why judge them? Maybe they went through a lot today and wore whatever," I said about one a few months back. What I am saying, however, is that the outside counts, too.

If I'm going to an interview, a date, a dinner, a dance, a championship game, the outside counts. I need the right attire to complement my personality, skill, athletic ability, etc. And guess what? This concept applies to the studio as well.

Have you seen the new Island Time Fitness? From the windows with dancing silhouettes to the large raceway sign that helps light every night at London South shopping center, the outside definitely helps. Like the genuine smile that draws us toward a person, my hope is that Island Time's outer glow draws people inside to experience our tropical, uplifting atmosphere and join our fitness family. I've invested and sacrificed so much for the outer--why? Because I truly believe that what's inside--genuine people, fitness goals achieved, and nonstop fun--is worth everything I've put into the studio and so much more.

Basically, it comes down to you! I want to help you reach your fitness goals "the fun way" and provide the tropical workout getaway every day...

For you.

So the next time you come to class, take a look at the sign. Look at the windows. And remember that you are top quality and inspiration for this top-quality place.

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