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Go Green And Gourmet: Five Ways!

Ladies and gentlemen, spring will soon step into town with electric slide energy! As we prepare to enter this season of trees and plants going green, we too can follow suit. Here are five ways to add more green to your diet—deliciously.

1. Homemade Pesto: A personal favorite and Italian staple, pesto sauce is bursting with flavor! Combine 2 cups of basil leaves, ½ cup olive oil, ½ cup parmesan, garlic, pepper, sea salt, and a ¼ of pine nuts in a blender or food processor, and presto! You’ve got homemade pesto. This sauce is perfect over pasta, as a sandwich spread, or even by itself!

2. Green Smoothie: I know it may sound a little strange, but fear not, reader—these smoothies do not have to taste like you’re drinking veggies. They can still have the sweetness of other smoothies and taste refreshing. Try blending frozen avocado, spinach, orange juice, and grated (or ground) ginger together. See what you think. This super smoothie – packed with nutrients and antioxidants – will taste sweet, but it won’t be a sugar bomb.

3. Jazzed Up-Salad: “I want a jazzed-up salad,” my 10-year-old nephew once told me as we sat down to eat pizza. I assumed he didn’t want salad, but when he saw my colorful plate with spinach, tomato, shredded cheese, carrots, cucumber, red onion, and mini turkey pepperoni, he was ready to go green! Get creative with your salads. If you have fun crafting it, then you will likely have fun eating it. And then, even, better, you might crave it!

4. Healthy Apple-tite: This one is a simple snack both tasty and satisfying—slice an apple like you would for an apple pie, but do not peel. Assemble all apples in a circle on a plate or bowl, and put ½ cup of your favorite yogurt in the center. Sprinkle with cinnamon and graham cracker crumbs (or granola). A delicious and nutritious dessert or snack!

5. Serve It Up, Herb it Up: This is the easiest yet often overlooked way to add green to your diet. Rinse a handful of fresh herbs and dry. Then take 10 seconds to chop and sprinkle over your plate! Herbs have so many nutritional and healing properties—did you know that cilantro, for example, helps regulate blood sugar? Go get the herbs that you like and sprinkle away.

I hope you try some or all of these ideas, and that each one sparks another idea to add green to your diet. If you want to live long, eating healthy is a key, right? It makes sense to add the color of life to your plate every day!

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