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A Surprise Shower to Remember!

Sometimes you forget how loved you really are...

I remember preparing for my class, running through my usual cycle at home of practicing choreo and taking breaks. I need to practice my new songs, but I also need to save energy for class. Ay Chihuahua.

Practice happened and my playlist was made, but little did I know that none of that would be needed this particular night. When I pulled up to the midtown studio at 515 S Utica, there were enough cars parked to attend a mini-concert! Hmm. I was asked to come late, so something was definitely going on in there.

"Well, I guess we should go inside?" I said to my mom, who nodded in agreement.

All lights were out as I opened the front door. And then everyone inside screamed, "Surprise!"

As they told me later, my face was priceless. The shock on my face was real. I saw so many of my instructor friends and student friends there to support me. One table had a Noah's ark-themed cake and sweet treats, while the other one had a boatload of gifts! And there were tons of beautiful balloons. I covered my face shyly. I don't live to be the center of attention, but this moment was something special.

"Oh my goodness," I said. "All of you are here to celebrate with me?"

"Yes!" several people said.

"We love you Ginger!" said another person.

I covered my face again. "I don't know what to say. Thank you so much! This means so much to me that you would all come and show so much support."

My instructor friends Sidney and Alexis informed me that I would only be teaching two songs that night, that all the instructors would be teaching too! "Praise God," I said with a lifted hand. "I love teaching, but I'm carrying some extra weight these days!"

Zumba love and energy flooded the studio as the warmup began with Sidney and Alexis. The dynamic duo was followed by my "Zumba Mommy," Sonia, who absolutely built off of the energy. From there energy never died! Stephaney, Aya, Kathy, Monica, and Claudia rocked the house--and so did new Tulsa talents Matthew, Queila, Wendy, and Dakota! Oh, and I taught my two songs too. We had so much fun with every song. I loved seeing the smiles on everyone's face all through the place.

Thank you, Fabiola, for planning such a special day. Thank you to my good friend Monica for coming at the very beginning to show support. And thank you to everyone who decorated and gave presents, all for my precious baby-to-be!

Ladies and gentlemen, I think he felt the Zumba love that day. I sure did <3

This was the most fun shower I have ever attended and one I will never forget. I'm still in awe that all these people I care about came together under one roof to do this wonderful deed. Lord bless you all, and I cannot wait to introduce you to my baby boy after he arrives in this world. He is so blessed already through all of you!

Until that time, the saga of teaching while pregnant continues. I'm so honored and grateful that I can still continue classes with my students. So catch the Gingerbread Girl on the dance floor while you still can. Baby and I are showing up for you!

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