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12 Reasons Why Mamas Rock!

Whether you are a mom or have one, you know that being a mom is not for the faint-hearted. Dedication, time, and tireless effort are constantly required! From the battle in the delivery room until forevermore, your child(ren) have a special place in your heart. Here are 12 reasons mamas rock!

  1. A mama nurtures her child consistently with a joyful heart.

  2. A mama disciplines her child firmly and fairly but also knows how to have fun with them.

  3. A mama understands true sacrifice, often putting big dreams on hold so the child(ren) can pursue their own big dreams.

  4. A mama is the strong glue that holds the home together.

  5. A mama understands she is not perfect but tries to be the best model for her child.

  6. A mama prays fervently for her home and for her family.

  7. A mama does not demand perfection from her child, but rather teaches her child to strive for excellence in all they do.

  8. A mama wants even more opportunities for her child than she had.

  9. A mama makes sure her child never goes hungry, even if she must go hungry.

  10. A mama is consistently ready to capture precious family moments in a photo.

  11. A mama exemplifies the value of work that is pleasing to God.

  12. A mama can wear countless hats--career woman, mama, friend, volunteer--while never losing sight of her most treasured hat: motherhood.

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