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Dream Dangling

What is one of your greatest dreams? For some, that dream may look like a vacation to Caribbean islands, filled with sandy beaches, sea-green waters, and delectable cuisine. For others, that dream may be meeting a family member for the first time. And for others, that dream may be achieving success in a desired profession.

I recently started watching a TV series called Young Rock starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I’m not at all a heavy TV watcher (even less now that I have a toddler!), but this show holds my eyes captive from start to finish. The Rock is fictitiously running for president—and as he does, the show flashes back to his life as a child and then a young man. The viewer meets his wrestling dad who struggles to provide for his family. They meet his mother, who works hard cleaning homes to make ends meet. And they also meet his grandmother, a powerhouse who always manages the business side of family wrestling. The show is well-cast and funny too! All these characters—among others—impacted the Rock…

They also inspired him to follow his dreams. I will never forget his grandmother’s words in one episode where Dwayne is feeling discouraged. As they sit watching his dad teach wrestling, she says to him, “Life is tough. You must be tougher. People don’t believe in your dream. Good. You prove them wrong.”

I watched in the middle of the night, the only time I can really focus on a TV show. An epiphany moment was upon me! I had to rewind those lines.

Earlier that day, I had tears in my eyes as I got down on my knees and prayed to God for blessings upon my business. This dream has really been such a blessing to date, but it has come with great sacrifice. I feel rejected by so many people who walk past my business to the nearby restaurants and never give Island Time a chance. I feel like David with a small studio to the Goliaths—the multi-million-dollar, big gyms who come out swinging each season with giant facilities and shiny machines. I’ve had people tell me that I won’t make it. I’ve even had someone ask me if people are coming to my classes. My answers?

Yes, I will make it. And yes, they are! The fact is that great things come in small packages. Island Time Fitness continues to grow, and I wouldn’t trade our fitness family for anything. We are making a difference in the community, helping people along their fitness journeys the fun way! All the marketing, class prepping, cleaning, graphic designing, inviting, and event planning that I do is worth every ounce of effort. Like Young Rock, these are my early days. I may not be a kid anymore, but I am a young business owner willing to work for a dream that is so much greater than myself.

What is your dream? I encourage you to dust it off. Let the dream dangle in your face again like a carrot and go for it! Not everyone is going to be for you, but someone will be. Guard your dream against naysayers, work at it with humility, and trust God.

I believe God rewards hard work. We all know that the word “instant” has become one of our favorite words here in America, but we can’t “pop” our dreams in a microwave and then enjoy them in 90 seconds. Rather, we need to work to achieve our goals with time.

A new year is right around the corner, and I see a thriving community of Island Time members, growing more than ever before and reaching their dreams and goals.

One question remains: Are you in?

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