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A Masterclass With Style & Sass!

At times opportunities knock on the door of our lives. Sometimes the knock is soft—so soft that we miss it if we’re not paying attention. Sometimes the knock is one that we hear loud and clear.

When my dear friend Monica asked me if I would like to host Jennifer Dean for an event, I heard opportunity knocking full-force! This incredibly talented Zumba Jammer travels to different cities to teach other instructors new choreos. Her masterclasses are uniquely fun and marked with her signature style. And we have eagerly anticipated Jennifer’s return—the last time she did a masterclass was right before life as we know it changed due to the pandemic…

March 2020—I still remember that day like it was yesterday. The masterclass was near St.Patrick’s Day, so everyone dressed in green. My best friend and I made cake balls for the first time, but because I was rushing, she had to complete the delectable treat so I could make the event in time. Jennifer, Monica, and I led an amazing class that brought so many smiles.

We did a jam session that day too with about 15 instructors, and we still have a short video to document this!

Fast-forward to April 2023—what happened this past Sunday wasn’t simply “just as good” as last time…

I think it was even better. The energy at Island Time Fitness, seeing instructors and students alike coming from all over the Tulsa area and beyond, and of course the well-balanced playlist made the Masterclass and Jam events to remember! Seeing Jennifer’s joy and how she interacts with students in class was inspiring...

So inspiring, in fact, that my mind traveled back to February of 2016, when I became a Zumba instructor seven years ago. I remembered how excited I was to teach. I am still over the moon to have this opportunity to teach fitness for a living, but sometimes even the greatest athletes get fatigued.

Whatever fatigue I was feeling melted away after Sunday. Jennifer, Monica, and I took everyone in the room on a trip around the world that felt magical with every song. From the bhangra to k-pop, salsa and merengue to soca and samba and even inspirational music, this masterclass captured perfectly the enamoring essence of Zumba.

I am more inspired than ever before to continue spreading the sheer joy of Zumba fitness with every class I teach—and dance with as much energy as if every class were my first one.

Thank you, Jennifer Dean, for an exhilarating day! Thank you for wonderful events that we will never forget.

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