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Join us for Christian Hip-Hop July 11th & 23rd!

Come and dance with Monica this summer--you will have a blast!



Zumba Kids

& Kids Jr.




Spirit Stretch


Strong 30


Circl Mobility


Zumba Gold

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Zumba Toning



Open Monday through Saturday! 


Lori, Island Time Member

Zumba Gold Toning: It's all the fun of music and dancing with lightweights added. You can dance and tone your arms all at the same time. All while having lots of fun!

Megan, Island Time Member

RaShawna's natural energy combined with uplifting Christian music not only replenishes your body but your spirit too. That's why I love Christian Hip-Hop!

Tina, Island Time Member

I attend the Zumba Gold class for “older” adults but any age can come and work at their own pace. I get a thorough workout that’s easy on the joints. Ginger genuinely cares for everyone in the class!

Bree, Zumbini Parent

We love Zumbini! My daughter and I get to bond while enjoying music from all over the world. We love the take-home books and songs too; we listen

all the time!

RJ, Zumba Kid

I love when we get to learn new dance moves from around the world. And also when we create our own dances.

Anita, Island Time Member

Ginger's studio has provided me a sense of community. She plays a wide variety of music and switches up her set list frequently. I can shake my stress away while burning calories at the same time!

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